8 Must Have Moving Into New House Checklist

Make a checklist and get such of easiness – When we decided to move to a new place and occupy a new home, then we will be occupied with the packing we can do two months before departure. This will help us in deciding which items to be items we carry and where we are going to be donated. 2 months time it will be enough for us to do the sorting. As time goes by the departure day approaches, there are some items that should we have when we occupy the new house and here are 8 must have a checklist of moving into a new house. Previous note that by having a checklist, then we will be helped to identify what are the items we need.Water Filtration System For Home in Kitchen

(1) Basic equipment – we will need the following items in order to maintain our survival as human beings. Water is the first thing, make sure that the new house has a water filtration system that can make our tap water is good to drink. Do not forget to check the STAT prior to check whether water containing arsenic or not. In addition to water, do not forget to bring a cup and a bottle of drinking water, dry food, a variety of basic food ingredients (bread, beans, peanut butter, milk, and other), eating utensils (plates, bowls, spoons, forks, napkins, etc).

(2) Household equipment – we have to make sure that facilitate ourselves with flashlights, bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels, and cloth. All items that we can use when entering a new house for the first time that our basic needs as human beings can be well facilitated.

(3) Hygiene supplies – make sure we carry a variety of equipment ranging from a complete hygiene brooms, mops, cleaning (floor cleaner, glass cleaner), bucket, dustpan, sponges, towels for the kitchen, and others. This is all we need when entering a new house where we need to do a thorough cleaning.

(4) Personal equipment – these are some of the equipment that must be carried from house keys, car keys, and other keys, cell phone, and some money. Place all personal items in one place so that it is easy to do a search.Portable Sofa Bed Mattress

(5) Bedding – if we have not put up a bed, then make sure we bring a floor mattress or sleeping bag. Do not forget to bring a pillow, blanket, and pajamas. When we have children then add some necessary items before sleeping children like toys, nightlights, books, and room curtains.

(6) Toiletries – we have to makes sure we bring soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, towels for each person, hand towels for each bathroom, and others. Customize our shower with equipment needs should we provide.

In addition to bringing a number of the above equipment, we also have to perform several tasks:

(7) Make sure we check that every button that is working well, make sure we read the utility meter before starting to use electricity, water, or gas, and make sure the previous owner did not leave nothing to do around the house inspection.

(8) Do not forget to do the replacement of all existing keys in the house, unloading check and make sure everything is in good shape and nothing is missing.

Taking care of the move is not an easy task because there are many things that need our attention. To that end, having a checklist will greatly help us in terms of making a move into something more fun.

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