What Type Of Paint Is Best For A Bathroom: 8 Types Explained

Choose the best paint according your needs

The bathroom is one room that is identical to moisture because it is a place where the water is continuously splash on the walls and causing the surrounding environment becomes moist. Because moist, the risk of mildew and mold growth would be wide open. To overcome this, we must apply the appropriate paint that wall can withstand moisture. There are many special paints that we can find in order to make the bathroom wall surfaces free from fungus and the following is the best type of paint for bathroom.Water Based Paint Bathroom Latex

(1) Water-based paints – we often call it latex although does not contain latex. The price will we get by applying this type of paint is much cheaper when compared with other types of paint. Moreover, drying paint time is also faster, environmentally friendly, and has the option of finishing gloss to the finish so it is appropriate to be used as a good option in order to make the bathroom wall resistant to moisture.

(2) Oil-based paint – this is one type of paint that uses a hydrocarbon solvent that acts as an alkyd resin. The advantages of using this type of paint are: durability dependable, and very appropriate to be applied in the bathroom or laundry room. While applying this kind of paint we will meet the main disadvantage from this type is the drying time is higher because it is content oil and the other resins. When we decided to implement this type of paint, make sure we do not apply it to the bathroom children because of toxic chemicals in it.Bathroom Paint Mold And Mildew Resistant

(3) Mold and mildew resistant paint – this is the type of paint that claims to be able to resist the growth of mildew and mold. Typically, this paint comes in a wide selection of colors that we can choose according to taste.

(4) Anti-condensation paint – is a type of paint for bathroom or kitchen that serves to prevent the surface becoming cold. It is a paint that contains a fungicide.

(5) Semi-gloss finish paint – is a type of paint that is very popular and has been chosen by the homeowner. It is a transparent paint into the paint base for the other colored paints and also helps protect the surface of the wall.High Gloss Paint On Bathroom Interior Walls

(6) High gloss finish paint – this is a type of paint that is highly reflective and is able to give the look like plastic. To get the look striking on the trim in the bathroom wall, we can apply this type of paint.

(7) Satin finish paint – this is one type of paint that will give a smooth appearance with a slight gloss appearance that is sure to fascinate the bathroom wall.

(8) Washable paint – this is the kind of paint are washable and we can even rubbed without eliminating the presence of the paint from the wall.

Before begin to painting, make sure we have cleaned the walls of the old paint so the new paint can adhere perfectly. Select the type of paint to suit their individual needs to consider several things including the bathroom for who the bathroom are intended. When for the kids, then make sure we choose the type of child-friendly paints.

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