8 Different Types Of Flooring For Kitchen Remodel

Get the best floors type for your kitchen

If we want to apply the right kind of flooring for kitchen remodel, then make sure we choose the type of flooring that can hold moisture in a long time is a must do. As we know, the kitchen and bathroom are two places that have high levels of humidity due to direct contact with water as an essential item needed in order to expedite the work. For that, we need to search for information such as what type of floor can hold and match considering the condition of the kitchen with its resistance against different types of spills, and here are 8 different types of flooring for kitchen remodel that we can make reference.Kitchen Remodel Flooring Ideas

(1) Floor tiles – ceramic is one type of flooring that is widely applied because it has a wide selection of colors, designs, styles, textures, and sizes desired. Another advantage that we will get when applying ceramic as kitchen flooring: affordable, easy to maintain and durable. The disadvantage is susceptible to stains and dirt because it is porous so it will not be easy for us to remove stains or dirt that is already attached.

(2) Wooden floor – by applying wood flooring, then in addition to providing more WOW look at the kitchen, we also will get excellent traction because the floor is not slippery as other types of flooring.Kitchen Flooring Printed Vinyl Tiles Eclectic

(3) Vinyl floor – when we often cook, wanted a floor that is easy to maintain, and are in a situation of limited budget, then apply the vinyl flooring would be a good idea. Sheet vinyl will give us the tenderness in the foot every time we set foot on it, minimal damage, easy to clean, water resistant, stain resistant, has a wide selection of sizes, has a wide selection of patterns, colors, and levels of thickness can be adjusted to taste.

(4) Cork floor – if we liked the variety of environmentally friendly materials, wants soft floor, and anti-slip, then apply the cork flooring is the answer. But so that we can maximize the function (guarding against scratches and prevents moisture) of this type of floor, make sure we routinely perform sealing (3-4 years).

(5) Porcelain floor – if we want to get tough floor, love the look of stone, and like the type of flooring that has a lower level of care, then we can apply the porcelain floor. Another advantage we can get from porcelain floor: durable, stain resistant, moisture resistant, has a wide selection of designs and textures.Engineered Hardwood Kitchen Floor

(6) Engineered hardwood is one type of flooring made from plywood that engineered to resemble solid wood. It is one type of flooring that has a price much cheaper than wood flooring but able to give a natural look similar.

(7) Glass floor – if we want bring the unique designs to the kitchen, looks luxurious, and sophisticated, then we can apply the glass floor. It is one type of flooring that will make the overall appearance of the kitchen looks stylish.

(8) Laminate floor – this is the kind of floor that has a design resembling wood, stone, and even tile. There are many choices of patterns, colors, and sizes that we can get. In addition, laminate floors are very easy to cut and adjusted to the size of the kitchen layout and has a very affordable price.

So, if we are currently undertaking a kitchen remodel and was looking for the right type of floor, then to the eight types of floors above would be helpful.

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