8 Decorating Ideas How To Improve Your Dorm Room

Develops your décor ideas and make your dorm room become more interesting

Staying in a dorm is an option for some students studying in college. It is a form of freedom for the students as utilized by developing all their creativity in making decorations including at their own dorm room. In order for dorm room remains comfortable, warm, and character, then the following is the 8 decorating ideas how to improve your dorm room.Dorm Room Decorating Ideas DIY

(1) Turn into our wastebasket made from metal as our bedside tables that charming. It would be very appropriate decor ideas especially when we are not allowed to bring some extra furniture. To be more interesting, paint the baskets (low cost) in our favorite color, turning, and use as a bedside table that unique.

(2) Make line our bookshelves by using tape colored paper or we often refer to as Washi tape. The way is easy, simply choose the color we want from Washi tape and apply along the line the bookshelves. This will make the display more interesting bookshelves, especially when we match the color to the dominant color in the room.

(3) Place a few small pots for some plants and put it in the dorm room to incorporate natural elements. It will make the room look more natural and able to soften the decor elements tend to be hard.

(4) Place some floor cushion with colorful colors, styles, and designs to add a festive space in accordance with the theme that we apply.Dorm Room Interior Design Ideas

(5) Take advantage of unused junk to be used as something more useful such as tea tins that can be utilized as stationery place.

(6) Make simple mural confetti by utilizing a painter’s tape and paper with circles form. Designate one wall and apply a variety of colorful paper circles to create a unique mural although made from simple materials.

(7) Take advantage of the presence of folding chairs in the dorm room as additional seating.

(8) Create our own photo murals on the walls of dorm room by utilizing existing programs on the computer and print it. It will be decorating ideas that can make the room look bigger without having to pay to apply wallpaper or paint.

Anyway, besides some decorating ideas above that we can apply, consider the following before applying decorations we want: (1) think of the best way to use the space given to us in the right way; (2) express decorating style to suit a particular theme; and (3) select the right type of lighting in the dorm room so in tune with the style of decoration that we apply.

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