5 DIY Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Many people have to do deal with stained upholstery. It happens. Food drops on the upholstery and causes stains that seem impossible to remove. Many homeowners simply throw out the couch or chair when the stains become too impossible to deal with. However, you don’t need to throw out your favorite chair if it becomes too stained – you can actually remove the stains. Fortunately, there are a number of safe ways to remove upholstery stains. You may need to put some elbow grease into it, but it will definitely be worth it. Removing stains will improve the look and feel of your living space and it will make you feel better too. Here are five DIY upholstery cleaning tips.

  1. Remove stains right when you see them. Stains can become permanent when you don’t do anything about cleaning them up. Even a small drop of wine could become a permanent stain when the liquid soaks into the fiber. For this reason, you want to immediately get a rag and some soda water to soak up the stain.
  2. Use the big guns to remove deep stains. If you have particularly hard to remove stains, you may want to use a heavy duty cleaning solution, like the one used by Chem-Dry. When it comes down to it, cleaning upholstery is difficult and it can be tough to remove stains with run-of-the-mill stain fighters. Some of the heavy-duty chemicals use unique formulas to lift the stain from the fibers of the fabric – without harming the fabric. Once the stain is lifted, you can then dab the stain out using a rag.
  3. Never scrub a stain – always dab a stain. When you do remove a stain, you want to dab it away. When you scrub, you could be making the stain worse – by spreading it further and deeper into the fibers of the upholstery fabric. When you use a rag, you want to make a pointing motion under the rag with your index finger and then tap the stain. You can then use the dry end of the rag to press down on the entire stain and remove it. It may take a few dabs, but with enough diligence you’ll be able to remove the stain.
  4. Don’t let people eat around your furniture. Of course, if you want to prevent stains from happening in the future, you want to have a rule about eating on and around the furniture. In fact, you may want to designate eating to the dining room only. If you have children, you can pretty much assume that food is going to get dropped on your furniture and stains will appear on your upholstery.
  5. Always vacuum before you remove stains. Before you remove heavy-duty stains, you want to make sure that you vacuum your upholstery. This measure will ensure that all dust, debris, dander and other particles don’t get in the way of your ability to remove stains. In the end, you’ll want to want to vacuum for the sake of making sure your upholstery is completely sanitized.

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