How to Display Art and Antiques in Your Home

If you’ve ever walked into a home that doesn’t have much art or many antiques on display, there’s a pretty good chance that you found the house to be a bit empty. No matter how beautiful one’s furniture is or how much effort they put into their window treatments, art and antiques are the kind of details that make a home truly feel cozy, personable, and welcoming.

If you have a few art pieces that you’re not sure what to do with and you’d like some tips on how to display them inside your house, here are five ideas that can help to spark a bit of interior design creativity.

Use the empty spaces. When you have big blank walls, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out what to do with them. But what about those small areas such as right under your staircase that isn’t big enough for furniture? Something that you can do there is hang up a couple of pictures or an antique piece on it. Not only will it brighten up the space, but it will give guests something unexpected to look at when they’re walking by.

Mix and match your art and antiques. If you want to add a bit of depth and dimension to your living room or kitchen, how about mixing and matching some of your art and antiques? For instance, if you have some vintage decorative bowls, you can arrange them along with a couple of pieces of framed art on one or two of your walls.

Hang them up on an accent wall. To make one of your rooms appear a bit more modern, you can never go wrong with coloring it an accent color (or even wallpapering it). Once you are done, you can then hang up some photographs that you had blown-up to be the size of a poster. Being that the color of the accent wall is different from all of the other walls, people’s eyes will be automatically drawn to it. That way, they can hone in on the art and/or antiques that you have hanging on it.

Have fun with windowsills. You can always go to a store like Easy Pedestal to purchase a couple of pedestals to display artwork. But when it comes to classic books or small antiques, you might want to consider placing them on top of windowsills. It’s a creative way to display pieces, and it’s a unique approach for your window treatments.

Use all one color. If you have a small room that you want to appear larger, that doesn’t mean it has to go without any art on it. In fact, something that you might want to consider doing is hanging up pieces that are the same color as the wall and furniture itself. For instance, if you have a room with blue walls and you also have some fabric art that is the same shade of blue, hang the art on a couple of the walls. It provides a modern visual effect that is beautiful. Plus, being that it is the same color, it will actually brighten up the space. For a list of sites that sell affordable art to add to your collection, visit Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, Pop Sugar, RD or Brain Pickings and put “places to buy affordable art” in the search field.

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