5 Effective Ways to Dog-Proof Your Fence

If you have a dog, you probably know how critical it is to keep him or her inside the parameters of your front or backyard. If you live in a busy city or a bustling community, there is a good chance that cars are the biggest threat. Of course, you will need to choose a fence that is sturdy and impenetrable, but you will also need to take some other measures to ensure your fence is completely dog proof. Ideally, you want to prevent your dog from jumping over, digging under, or clawing through the fence. It may take some time and energy to proof your fence, but it will all be worth it. Here are five effective ways to dog-proof your fence.

  1. Plant dense foliage to create a secondary barrier. One of the most effective ways to dog proof your fence is to simply plant trees and foliage along your fence. This will deter your dog from wanting to dig under or jump over. You may also want to think about planting the foliage quite densely – the idea is to camouflage the fence.
  2. Repair or replace your fence with a sturdy new one. Another option is to repair your fence if it has been damaged. If your fence is really old, you may want to replace it. When it comes down to it, you can find a professional fence company, like the Ram Fence Company, that can build a sturdy fence with reinforcements so that your dog has no chance of escaping.
  3. Use a footer to prevent under-digging. If your dog likes to dig under the fence, you may want to install a footer along the bottom of the fence. These footers can be connected to your fence and then buried, so it looks like it isn’t there. When your dog goes to dig his or her way under the fence, the footer will prevent them from digging to the other side. When it comes down to it, this can be a great affordable option for those dogs that like to dig.
  4. Install a rolling bar along the top of your fence. If your dog likes to jump over fences, you may want to think of installing a rolling bar – they are sometimes called coyote rollers. Originally, they were built to keep coyotes out of chicken yards – when a canine tries to jump over the fence, the bar rolls and makes it impossible for the dog to hang on. If they make one attempt and fail, they won’t try to jump over ever again.
  5. Place bamboo or another type of covering along the fence. On top of everything, you may also want to cover your fence with bamboo or some other material. This will effectively prevent your dog from pushing or digging into the fence. When it comes down to it, having a bamboo covering will also look aesthetically pleasing, which can be an added benefit. In the end, if your dog likes to chew and scratch through fences, having something covering the fence can be an excellent deterrent.

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