How to Remove Junk and Get Organized at Home

Just about everyone’s heard the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” But sometimes we have a to tendency to allow so much clutter to collect in various rooms of our homes that it’s hard to tell what’s needed and what really should be tossed out as soon as possible.

If this is the kind of dilemma that you currently find yourself dealing with, you’re in luck. This article is going to provide you with some fail-safe tips that will show you how to remove junk and also organize your home in one weekend.

Here’s how:

Go through each room. When it comes to the rooms in your house where you’re likely to have guests (like your living room), there’s a pretty good chance that you keep them pretty clean. But when it comes to your bedroom or the kids’ playroom, that might look more like a cluttered mess. When you don’t make a point to go through each room and clean it on a weekly basis, it’s easy to treat the entire space like one big closet. Or worse, a secondary garage to store items. You can avoid doing this by thinking about what each room’s purpose is and trying to only keep things in it that serve that purpose.

Get rid of what you haven’t used in 12-18 months. If deep down, you know that you have the tendency to be a bit of a packrat, this next tip is definitely one that you should apply. Whether it’s a winter coat or some kind of lawn equipment, if you haven’t used it in the past year or year-and-a-half, it really is best to get rid of it. Otherwise, there’s a pretty good chance that it will be collecting dust the following year as well.

Hold a yard sale. Once you have gone through all of the rooms in your home and you’ve gathered up the things that you no longer need, one way to make a few extra dollars is to hold a yard sale. You can even alert some of your neighbors and have a community one. For tips on how to have a successful yard sale, visit Yard Sale Queen, Money Saving Mom or Money Crashers and put “how to have a successful yard sale” in the search field.

Donate the rest. If there are items that you are not able to get rid of at the yard sale, you can do one of two things with them. You can hire a professional junk removal service like 123JUNK to remove clutter for you. Or, you can donate the items to your local thrift store or Goodwill. One of the benefits that comes with going the donation route is that donations often are tax deductible. Another perk is that you’ll be recycling by doing so.

Invest in multipurpose furniture. Once all of the junk is out of your home, it’s then time to get organized. The Container Store is one place where you can get all kinds of containers that will help to keep everything in its proper place. Another thing to consider is purchasing some multipurpose furniture such as a couple of ottomans. That way, you can put some items inside of them and still use them as seats too! For other multipurpose furniture ideas, go to your favorite search engine and put “multipurpose furniture” in the search field.

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