How to Keep Your Home Shaded and Reduce Energy Costs

Whether you happen to live in an area where the climate gets extremely hot during the summer seasons or you simply want some proven ways to lower your energy bills during the summertime, this is an article that you’ll want to read and share with your neighbors. That’s because it’s going to share with you some proven ways to effectively shade your home. By doing so, the temperature inside of your house will drop several degrees without the aid of your HVAC unit. Plus, it will help to save you a significant amount on your energy bills as well.

So if you’re ready to learn about how to properly shade your home while reducing your energy costs at the same time, please read on.

Plant some trees (and shrubs). Having a lot of greenery in your yard not only boosts your curb appeal, it can also reduce your energy costs. During the summertime, it helps to shield your house from the sun and during the winter, it can buffer your home from the cold winds. So what kinds of trees can best produce these results? The Hybrid Popular, the Red Maple and the Weeping Willow are just a few that offer awesome shade. Another bonus is that they are pretty fast-growing. You might also want to plant a few shrubs in front of some of your windows as well. They can provide additional shade support.

Add some awnings. Another thing that you might want to consider doing to the exterior of your home is to add some awnings, especially to your porch. That is another way to shield your front windows as well as your front door from the sun. If you’d like a few tips on how to go about selecting awnings for your home, visit Outerware for Windows and put “choose the right awnings for your home” in the search field.

Keep your paint colors light. There are some things that you should also do to the interior of your home in order to keep your house cooler. One of them would be to choose paint colors that reflect the sun rather than absorb it. If you have a lot of dark colors in your house, even with the exterior shade work that you may have already done, your house is still going to end up warmer than you would probably like it to be. Lighter palettes are always best.

Get your windows tinted. If you like to embrace the sun’s natural rays all throughout the year by keeping your window treatments open but you would like your house to not be quite as warm, consider getting your windows professionally tinted. Not only will it help to protect your house from the sun’s rays, but it can also protect your furniture longer (by keeping the sun’s light from damaging the fabric) and help you to maintain your privacy too.

Install some black-out curtains. Someone who works for a company like Architectural Louvers would probably recommend that you add some shade to your home with external louvers or sunshades. Something that can complement those in the inside of your home are black-out curtains. They are made out of a material that can help to block out the sun. The great thing about them is they come in a variety of styles and are highly affordable. You can find black-out curtains at your local Target or Walmart.

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