How to Choose the Right Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to updating and upgrading your kitchen, there are all kinds of projects you might undertake to spruce up your space without resorting to an all-out gutting and renovation. For example, you could simply update paint colors in order to observe current color trends. Or you might paint or reface cabinets if you’re looking for something with more impact. You could also swap out fixtures or replace flooring and countertops. But you might be surprised by the impact you can accomplish by installing a backsplash. Not only is this feature highly practical, stopping water, food, steam, and other potentially harmful elements from damaging your drywall, but it can also give your kitchen a more modern, chic, and finished appearance. The trick is choosing the right backsplash.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the tile for your backsplash that you might not know quite where to begin. However, there are some guidelines that can help you to make the decision that is right for you home and your particular style sensibilities. The place to start is by figuring out the style of your home and your decor. If, for example, you have a Victorian style home, you probably don’t want to choose materials that have an ultra-modern feel. And if you’re living in a post-modern structure characterized by minimalism and composed of concrete, steel, and glass, choosing ornate tiles is out of the question. While you certainly want your home to support your particular aesthetic, you have to concede that one day you’ll probably want to sell your property. And the more cohesive your design, the more attractive the entire package will be.

That said, you still have plenty of leeway to select a backsplash that you find personally appealing. The style of your home will merely point you in a direction, narrowing your options to a more manageable number. From there, you’ll still have to consider color, pattern, size, and materials. In terms of color, you naturally want to express your color sensibilities. Pretty much everyone tends to have colors they prefer. But again, you should think about resale. Going with a neutral palette may not be as appealing as a bright splash of color. But consider that you can add color through paint and accessories that are cheap and easy to update down the line. Starting with a neutral base allows you to experiment with color in other areas. In other words, you can consider it a blank slate on which to build.

As for the pattern you lay out, the size of tiles you choose, and the material makeup of those tiles (ceramic, glass, stone, or even pressed tin), you may find that cost helps to drive your choice. But when you visit an outlet like Garden State Tile, you should be able to peruse the wares, compare and contrast products, and ask for advice concerning what will best suit your home and your personal style. With a little forethought and some help from the pros, you should be able to choose backsplash materials that will perfectly compliment your kitchen design.

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