How to Design the Perfect Guest Room on a Budget

If you’re someone who tends to have family members and friends who come to visit you on a fairly consistent basis, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the rooms in your house is a designated guest room. And while you probably already have the bare necessities inside of it, such as a bed and dresser drawers, this article is going to help you design it in such a way that is beautiful and comfortable – without you having to spend a lot of money.

So, if you’re curious to know how to design the perfect guest room while you’re on a budget, check out these five tips below:

Design an accent wall. Something that can make a dramatic difference in any room is an accent wall. By painting one wall in your guest room a different color than the rest, not only does it add some distinction to the room, but it can also be a great place to hang a couple of art prints, too. For a few creative accent wall ideas, visit DIY Home Life or Curbly and put “accent wall ideas” in the search field.

Add a mantel. Speaking of your walls, something that you might want to do for the wall that the bed is up against is to add a mantel to it. By hanging a floating shelf there, it’s a great place to add some scented candles, figurines, or even a nice card that welcomes your guests into your home.

Get two types of bedding (on sale). Your bed is definitely going to need some nice bedding on it, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on linens and comforters. Stores like Kmart and Target have great and affordable options to choose from. The key is to first go to their websites to sign up for sales flyers and rewards memberships. Then go to a website like Coupons if you’re going to a physical store or Retail Me Not if you’re going to buy some online. That way, you can get print coupons and promo codes. Speaking of bedding, it’s a good idea to pick up two kinds: one for the spring and summer seasons and another for fall and winter. For the warmer seasons, think of lighter-colored bedding in organic cotton. In the cooler ones, riches shades and flannel sheets are best.

Add a few plants. If you were to ask someone who works for a company like Hat Creek Interiors about something else that you should do in order to design your guest room, something that they might recommend is that you add a few plants to the top of the dresser or the nightstand. Not only do plants help to make a room feel more inviting, but they also pull toxins out of the air, too. For a list of some of the best indoor plants to improve air quality, visit MNN and put “houseplants to improve indoor air quality” in the search field.

Go to Walmart to make a gift basket. Something else that’s a really nice touch is a gift basket for your guests. You can go to a local arts and crafts store to find the perfect basket. Then you can go to Walmart to get some socks, some toiletries, and anything else that you want to put inside of it to make your company feel welcome. For tips on how to make a guest room gift basket, visit Stuffed Suitcase or Martha Stewart and put “guest room gift basket” in the search field.

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