How to Design Your Dream Bathroom on a Budget

If you’re in the process of doing a bit of remodeling and you’re thinking about updating one of your bathrooms, but you’re on a budget, this is something that you’ll definitely want to read. That’s because it’s going to provide you with some tips on how to design your dream bathroom without spending a ton of money in order to do it.

Does that sound too good to be true? If so, check out five ways to drastically change the appearance of your bathroom while still keeping your bank account intact:

Paint the walls. One of the quickest and most affordable ways to totally change the appearance of your bathroom is to change the color of its walls. For the record, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, it’s best to go with a hue that reflects rather than absorbs light such as a pastel or a light-colored neutral. Also, if you want your bathroom’s ceiling to appear taller, be sure to paint it the same color as the walls. For a list of some of the best bathroom colors to choose from, visit House Beautiful and put “best bathroom colors” in the search field.

Update some pieces. Whether you want to put in a new vanity or a chair, you don’t have to go to a furniture store to buy something new. You can actually go to a local thrift store or even check out some yard sales in your area to purchase something used. If it’s an item that’s made out of wood, you can refinish it. If it’s made out of fabric, you can reupholster it. For tips on both, go to DIY Network and put “refinish wood” or “reupholster furniture” in the search field.

Install some eco-friendly features. Something that you can do to modernize your bathroom while also reducing your monthly energy expenses is to install a low-flow shower head and automatic faucet. Both items you can do yourself, and both will save you dozens of gallons of water on a daily basis. You can find both items at your local home improvement store.

Go to Walmart or Target. Say that you’re thinking about installing a new bathtub. If you were to speak with a customer sales associate at a store like Bathtubs Plus about bathroom remodeling on a budget, one thing that they might recommend is that you go to less expensive stores such as Walmart or Target in order to pick up towels and washcloths, bathmats and other finishing touches for your new bathroom. Although you could go to a high-end department store, oftentimes you’re going to spend much more money for basically the same quality. So, at least go to Walmart or Target to see what they have to offer first.

Get creative. The fun thing about decorating on a budget is that it tends to inspire creativity. So, use this as an opportunity to think a bit outside of the box. Perhaps put some tile around one of your mirrors or put some accents on a display rail. When it comes to finding unique ways to design your bathroom, even when you’re on a budget, the sky is the limit! For some other tips on how to update the look of your bathroom, visit This Old House and put “ways to refresh your bath on a budget” in the search field.

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