How to Choose the Right Commercial Builder

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’ve decided you’re successful enough to leave commercial leasing behind, purchase a parcel of land, and build a permanent structure to house your company, you might be on the prowl for a commercial construction company that is suitable for your building project. But if you’ve never helmed a construction project before, much less one of this scope, you might not know quite where to get started. And even if you have a location in mind, you’ve done your research on zoning and demographics, and you have the funding lined up, you still need to find the commercial builder that’s going to get the job done right and make the process easy for you. Here are just a few tips to help you select the right commercial construction company for your project.

If you’re at a complete loss as to how to go about finding a suitable builder for your commercial structure, there are a couple of things you can do. You may want to speak with your local Chamber of Commerce or building commission to get listings for local builders. Or you could ask trusted colleagues for referrals. But you might also want to tour your local environs in search of commercial structures that speak to you in some way. When you see retail spaces, warehouses, or office buildings that suit your aesthetics and your ideas for your own commercial space, simply find out who built them by asking the owners or contacting the building commission. This could help you to find a number of suitable builders to choose from.

Of course, you also need to be prepared to spell out what you want for your commercial building project, and the more you narrow it down, the better chance you’ll have to find the right construction company for the job. Suppose, for example, that sustainable building practices and energy efficiency are important to you. Not every builder is equipped with the knowledge and experience to complete such a project. You’ll need to seek out builders like Varco Pruden Buildings that offer these services specifically. More importantly, you’ll want to have a budget, a timeline, and basic specs prepared when you meet with builders so that you can make sure you find companies capable of meeting your needs.

Before you select a builder, it’s absolutely imperative that you check availability and get bids for the work to be completed. It doesn’t matter how perfect the builder you find is if your schedules don’t match up. And while there are a ton of particulars you’ll have to cover (the contract, the timeline, permits and building codes, etc.), you can’t get your commercial construction project underway until you find a builder that can work with your budget.

There is no shortage of items to add to your checklist when it comes to selecting the right commercial builder to turn your visions of a permanent home for your business into a reality. But so long as you take the time to research prior building projects, get plenty of bids, participate in the planning process, and create a favorable contract, you should be able to complete the commercial building you crave with less stress and overages.

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