8 Best Eco Friendly Interior Design Materials

Get the best materials and save our environment – When we talk about eco friendly interior design, then we will talk about how to create a space with aesthetics that can be in harmony with the environment, safe, and comfortable. And to achieve this we are required to present the best material. Especially this time we’re dealing with global climate change and implement interior design that are not environmentally friendly can make us get the bad effects that certainly is not something we want.Eco Friendly Living Room Furniture

So, choosing the right material for interior design which can present interesting but at the same time environmentally friendly is an absolute thing that we must do for the sake of preserving the environment and here are 8 best eco friendly interior design materials we can make as a guide.

  1. Wood – this is one of the best eco friendly interior design materials that we can choose in order to contribute positively to the environment. Choose wood that is grown in the local forests so we do not have to pay the transport costs in an amount that is sure enough to drain the bag. Also try to get wood that has the symbol FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization that will ensure that when we buy wood we do not undermine the global forest and we do not threaten the livelihood of local communities who depend on forests and wood.
  2. Glass – this is one of the interior design materials that can be recycled over and over again without having to worry that the material will experience a loss of quality. By using recycled glass, then we will help reduce the amount of resources needed to manufacture glass from the beginning.Eco Friendly Glass Dining Table And Chairs Sets
  3. Metal – as well as glass, metal is one of the materials used in the interior design that can be recycled many times without loss of quality. We can use a variety of designs and styles of metal recycling will definitely be very helpful in making the earth into a better condition. Choosing recycled metal would make us help save more energy in the recycling process is applied.
  4. Textiles – when we need textile materials for interior design, then choose one that is made from natural dyes, made from natural materials (wool, organic cotton, hemp), and make sure we do not select materials that contain chemicals too much because it can produce poisonous gas that will pollute the environment.
  5. Paints – choose paint that contains no solvents and using too many mixtures of chemicals that can make the health of people around him distracted and make the environment unhealthy because of it.
  6. Furniture – choose to implement recycling furniture that we can get as reusing furniture heritage. It is something that we often call with antiques. There is a lot of antique furniture that we can choose to make interior design more stunning appearance.
  7. Floors – apply flooring made from alternative materials such as cork, bamboo flooring, up to tiles from glass waste. There are many choices of environmentally friendly flooring that we can apply and in addition to applying the tiles, we can also apply a carpet or rugs are made from recycled materials at a more affordable price.
  8. Window treatments – choose window treatments that are made from natural materials such as paper, bamboo or reeds to create an eco friendly home interior design more charming and friendly environment.

When deciding to get the best eco friendly interior design materials then make sure we pay attention to some of the following: (1) make sure we buy from a local producer or supplier in order to reduce postage items and pressing more negative impact on the environment that can be generated. (2) Consider to choose the type of materials derived from renewable and sustainable energy sources. (3) Makes sure we do not buy materials containing chemicals or the use of large energy during the manufacturing process. (4) Choose products that can be recycled (for new products) or recycled products. (5) Consider getting energy-efficient products.

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