8 Best Green Roofing Options

Get cooler building with green roofing

What comes to mind when we asked – what is included as the best green roofing? Well, some of us definitely confusion in the answer. To note the green roof is a roof that has good insulating properties so it does not reflect light which makes the surrounding conditions become hot. Green roof will make the environment cool. Want to know what are included as 8 best green roofing options? Here is the list.Plant Roof Covering Eco Roof Insulation Materials

Living roof – a roof that is filled with various kinds of plants and makes the roof look beautiful was crowned the best roof green roof. To make it happen, there is a lot of work and high consistency to be owned. We also have to consider many factors including an evaluation to assess the structural load of the building that can be borne. It will be the first step we have to do before realizing the desire to implement a living roof.

Built-up roof – this is the type of roof that is usually applied to an industrial area where we will have a flat roof, then there is a layer on top of it which consists of asphalt and other materials that are coated asphalt. At the top we will find similar materials like white pebbles that make the building feel cold. There are several layers of tar and the reinforcing material used on this type of roof.

Metal – green roof does not necessarily make us have to think that the metal cannot be applied. To make it cool, then we have to coat the metal and applying paint with bright colors. This includes the type of roof that is durable and can be recycled, so no need to worry to apply.

Pavers – paving tiles are designed with a thickness of about 2 inches and capable of reflecting ultraviolet up to 78%. To note, when we apply the entire surface of the roof of the house by using pavers, then we’ll get a roof that has a fantastic weight. To support it, we need to have a building that is able to withstand the heavy loads. The benefits are that we will get a cool environment in the building at the same time produce remarkable isolation.Plant Rooftop Garden Design

Shingles and shakes – is a very popular roofing materials because it is able to cool the building, the least reflective, and do not generate heat. To make it look more green, then we can paint with bright white paint.

Single ply thermoplastic – this is a type of roof that is ideal for building-oriented businesses such as restaurants where the roof will push oil produced out through the ventilation system, including. It is the roof that comes in rolls of white plastic or gray with a single surface slippery useful to improve the ability of the roof to reflect light.

Single ply thermo-set – this is a type of roof that has a more consistent quality, able to withstand the damaging effects of the sun, protecting the building perfectly, and comes in white color to produce a cool roof.

Tile – this is a type of roof that is classified as the most durable, recyclable, comes in various color options, and the curved shape helps in giving adequate ventilation for the building.

Thus, the 8 best green roofing options that we can make a reference when we intend to build an environmentally friendly home. Customize the type of roof to the needs and capabilities. Consult with experts in the field is also a good solution to help give us an idea of the best green roof.

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