8 Eco Friendly Kitchen Countertops

Choose materials that not contains toxic

The kitchen is one of the most important room is the room where it serves as a place to process and prepare food, as well as a place to gather all family members. Therefore, the design and facilities that are in the kitchen must be fulfilled by either including the presence of kitchen countertops with the design and choice of materials to suit the style of the room décor and environmentally friendly. Here are top eco friendly kitchen countertops selections that will make the kitchen look more WOW.White Diamond Eco Kitchen Granite Countertops

Composite and recycled materials – materials that are very eco friendly and both recommended because it is environmentally friendly. We can get a variety of designs and styles of kitchen countertops made from these materials very easily in the market.

Glass – if the glass is made for kitchen countertops made from recycled glass, then we can be sure that the product is environmentally friendly and we can apply to make the kitchen look more dazzling. There are many styles, colors, and textures that we can get from glass countertops. In addition, glass materials including solid and reliable as long as we do not drop something heavy on it.

Concrete – this is one type of material that will make us get kitchen countertops are scratch resistant, heat resistant, unique, and exotic. But since this is a product that is porous, then we must make sure we do the sealing VOC first.

Stainless steel – we could use the kitchen countertops are made of stainless steel as long as we use recycled steel because if we do not, we will contribute to polluting the environment. Keep in mind that the process of mining and refining of steel using considerable energy. The advantages that we can get: heat resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

Wood – wood materials for kitchen countertops will give us a classic look, warm, and charming. If we intend to get the counters are made of wood, then make sure the wood has FSC-certified, water-based finishes, and using low VOC level of sealing.Laminate Kitchen Countertops Eco Friendly

Laminates – is a material made from synthetic plastic coated that has a smooth surface and easy to cleans. When we decide to use laminate countertops in the kitchen, make sure we get the recycled plastic products. There are many choices of colors and patterns offered. Furthermore, the cheap price makes it a lot chosen by many homeowners.

Ceramics – select tile made from recycled materials when deciding to get kitchen countertops of this material. Advantages: durable, easy to clean, have many design options, colors, and textures.

Bamboo – this is one of the eco-friendly kitchen countertops that we can choose to apply. In addition, bamboo is not toxic (mostly) and derived from renewable plants so that would be most appropriate to make the kitchen look more cool and eye catching.

So, if we want to have a kitchen countertop that has minimal impact on the environment and are considered as environmentally friendly materials, 8 eco friendly kitchen countertops described above can be a guidance. Always make sure that we choose countertops that do not contain harmful chemicals that easily evaporate so it does not interfere with health.

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